4 Things That Need to Change As Your Business Grows

If your business is growing, you’re probably doing a lot of hiring. Congratulations! These are exciting times. You’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about what you want to keep as you grow — the same level of customer service, the same quality in your product or service, the same camaraderie and family feel among the team. And yet, as you grow, you will need to make certain changes to ensure you can maintain the values you’ve built over time. Here are four (4) changes you’ll want to implement:

1. Payroll and HR Lead

Who’s been filing your payroll paperwork? You, your front desk person, another employee? As you grow, it won’t be scalable to have someone doing this “on the side” of whatever other role they play. When you’re small, you can keep an eye on everyone and make sure everyone is happy. But as you grow, this will become harder. We highly recommend either hiring an HR director or working with an HR consultant, like us.

2. Paper Systems

Have you been keeping track of hours and pay on spreadsheets? Are you handling all your payroll and HR paperwork on actual sheets of paper? You can move much faster, and more accurately, with an automated, computer-based system like iSolved.

3. Manager Training

Whether you’re moving people to new management positions or hiring from outside the company, you’ll want to be sure your managers are well-equipped. Believing they have the necessary leadership skills isn’t enough. They need to be trained to have the sometimes awkward conversations that come along with management. This is the kind of training we provide our HR Elite clients.

4. Structure for Culture

You’ve spent years building your “mom and pop,” values-driven brand. People trust you for that. But when you’re growing exponentially, it can be nearly impossible to maintain that culture. We recommend putting a strategy in place that outlines your unique culture and allows you to grow around it. We help our HR Elite clients maintain what’s working, as well as create a blueprint to better serve their employees down the road. 

As you’re growing, lots of changes may come, but making strategic choices can help you scale efficiently, while staying true to who you are as a company. If there’s anything we can do to help you, why not see whether now is a good time to become an HR Elite client?

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