5 Ways We Help With Anti-Harassment Training

Last year, California announced that by 2020, every California employer with five or more employees will need to provide all employees with Harassment Prevention Training.

The countdown is on and we know employers are scrambling to find the time and capability to make this happen — so we’re pulling our own resources together to help our HR Elite clients stay in compliance. Here’s what we’re doing:

  1. Monthly Staff Level Webinars. Once a month, we offer two live, interactive courses — one in the morning and one in the afternoon. HR Elite clients can send their non-supervisory employees to these trainings.
  2. Quarterly Supervisor Live Training. Once a quarter, we offer HR Elite clients the opportunity to send their managers and supervisors for training at our offices.  
  3. Onsite Trainings. Some of our clients have opted for us to come to them and provide comprehensive training for their supervisors and staff.
  4. Documentation. Part of complying with this law includes ensuring proper records are kept so you can prove who took what training when. We provide certificates after every training.
  5. Bilingual Recordings. We offer a Spanish recorded training for employers or employees who prefer that option.
  6. Expert Trainers. The new law requires that only certain legal or HR professionals can provide this training. Our trainers have the required experience and qualify to lead these trainings.

We know this new law is a huge challenge for our clients, but we're excited and ready to help! If you want to learn more about becoming an HR Elite client and access these trainings, as well as a host of other resources and opportunities, click here.

And here’s a great video from our CEO about everything we do at Coastal Payroll.