6 Questions You Need To Ask To Evaluate Your Company Culture

Does your company have a culture? Even if you haven’t been intentional about creating one, chances are that certain habits, traditions, perspectives, ways of working and values have been formed around the way you do business. That becomes your company culture. You can work toward creating a company culture or you can let it build around you, but either way you should have a solid concept of what that culture is. Here are six (6) questions we use with our HR Elite clients, in addition to many more, to start getting a clear picture of their company culture. They can help you really see how healthy your company culture really is.

Company culture is critical to employee satisfaction and attracting top talent. It’s more than being a great place to work. It’s building an environment where everyone knows the purpose and meaning behind why they do what they do — and keeping everyone motivated toward that goal. 

Here at Coastal, our company culture is built on our values. We created these as a team and talk about them in all our meetings and huddles. We choose one (1) value a month to focus on and encourage our team to call out others who exemplify it. You can explore those values here. And here is another great roundup of our cultural features.