9 Questions To Learn More About Kayla

Have you met Kayla? She’s been a wonderful addition to our Coastal team and we can’t wait to introduce you to her.

1. What’s the best part about working at Coastal?

The sense of community. Everyone at Coastal really cares about their work and about each other. I haven't worked anywhere else that has made me feel as empowered or valued as both an employee and peer.

2. Which superpower would love to have?

I’d like telekinesis, because sometimes I just don't want to get up from my desk to get water.

3. Which do you prefer for your afternoon pick-me-up: cookie oven or juicer?

Definitely the cookie oven. When has anyone ever said, "GOSH, I just can't wait to have some kale juice at 2 p.m."?

4. What is your carpool karaoke jam?

What's Up by the 4 Non-Blondes

5. What does a successful day at work look like for you?

Learning something new, which I feel like I do every day. Learning from others has helped me empower clients with knowledge about our processes so they can get a more holistic view of all things related to their services.

6. What do you like to watch, on your down time?

“Broad City” is my favorite TV show. Favorite movie is “Casablanca,” hands down.

7. What brought you to Coastal?

I was referred by a former coworker five days after she started at Coastal. She promised this place was THAT awesome, and she was right!

8. What does your dream vacation include?

I really want to go to Salzburg, Austria and do “The Sound of Music” movie tour. Part of the package is staying in the home where the Von Trapp family lived in the film, which is now a hotel. If you can't tell, “The Sound of Music” is my second favorite movie.

9. What Hogwarts House are you in?

I used to tell everyone I was a Gryffindor, but after I took a Pottermore quiz, I learned I'm a Ravenclaw, which actually makes a lot more sense.