9 Things To Learn About Marathoner Mark

Mark Koehn brings the energy. Even as he is sprinting through tasks as a benefit specialist, Mark never overlooks the details and never forgets the ultimate goal - to serve the client well. His myriad of marathon accomplishments inspire us almost as much as his depth of knowledge and compassion. 

What’s the best part of working here at Coastal?

The culture and emphasis of always trying to improve to be better

What’s your dream super power? 

Infinite wisdom

Where do you go for that afternoon pick-me-up?

Cookie Oven

What’s your carpool karaoke jam?

I enjoy a merry band of misfitting so the sky’s the limit: Queen, Prince, M.J., GNR, 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, 50’s. 

What defines a successful day at work for you?

Completing tasks I had set for the day

What’s your favorite tv show or movie?

No favorites, a good comedy or wondrous adventure

What brought you to Coastal?

I was seeking work/life balance.

What is your dream vacation?

An all expenses paid year long Eur-Asian trip.

What is your favorite child memory?  

Bonding with family, fishing with my dad, mom taking me out of elementary school (half day) to go get donuts, family game-nights, camping, road trips, etc.