CEO Jonathan Gallagher Installed as President, Executives' Association of San Diego

Jonathan Gallagher PresidentOn November 4, 2013, Coastal Payroll CEO Jonathan Gallagher was inducted as President of the Executives' Association of San Diego, an organization founded in 1923 with intentions "to promote, facilitate, and further the interchange of business information - enabling members to secure new business and increase revenue."

"I have had the opportunity to receive some fantastic benefits as a member of the Executives' Association," said Gallagher. "Now, it's time to serve and give back."

The Executives' Association of San Diego is an incredibly valuable resource. Because membership in Exec’s is limited to one member for each business category, each represented firm is the exclusive member of the line of business. This strict policy is the key to an effective business association.

At each weekly meeting, members exchange leads, referrals, contacts, information and business. The program each week is a member’s presentation of his or her firm’s products and/or services and the way that other members can help. The purpose is to promote each member’s business. Attendance is mandatory, so you have access to all the members on a weekly basis.

Jonathan is blessed to have the utmost support of now past president, Charles Murch, as the organization moves forward. Gallagher assumes the position with zest and confidence, and has specific goals during his term.

First, he plans to introduce 10 new members to the organization. This objective will be accomplished systematically, as membership with Exec's is a prestigious reward for a history of business excellence.

"If you're not recruiting," he said, "then you're dying."

Second, Gallagher aims to better quantify business given to other members, known as leads. In turn, this will increase the value of the organization by producing more revenue.