Do You OOZE?

56Recently, our client, Jim Hernandez with SBC Inc ( presented Coastal Payroll Services with their prestigious “OOZE” award for outstanding customer service.  In particular, Jim had a specific request which was sent directly to Jonathan Gallagher.  Within minutes, Jonathan collaborated with Danielle Smith to provide Jim a copy of exactly what he needed.  These results were so quick and surprising to Jim that he immediately realized that Coastal Payroll was the winner of the award for November 2012.

What was even more surprising is that all the team members at Coastal Payroll didn’t think the results were anything but standard.  We OOZE every day;  do you OOZE every day?

To answer that question you probably should know that “OOZE” stands for Optimize every Opportunity with Zealous Enthusiasm.  This is the way Jim Hernandez runs his business and it is exactly how we here at Coastal Payroll Services, Southern California’s premier payroll service bureau, runs our business.  What seems like a simple request can be of great importance to our client.  Every day we run payrolls for clients and field requests which we either have the “opportunity” for failure or great success.  It is our job to continue to see these requests as “opportunities” and to OOZE in particular.

You can rest assured we will be OOZING every minute of every day!