Expanding the Vision


Just like any startup, in our early days, our vision was laser focused and somewhat narrow. As we’ve grown, so has our vision. A broader, yet still focused, vision gives us the chance to have a positive impact on our team and our community. Johnny and Craig explain more.



Craig Coleman:

In the early days of Coastal Payroll, our vision was day-to-day. We had a goal, we had objectives, we had dreams that we wanted to accomplish, but we really were just living day-to-day. We were trying to learn more each day, do better for our clients each day, and just constantly tried to improve, so our vision was very short-term as it is for many startups.

As we've matured, our vision has really matured as well. Our vision now is to be the most respected provider of workforce management solutions in California. So we've not only expanded our services, in the early days it was payroll, now it's workforce management, HR timekeeping, and admin. We've also expanded our geographic region; so we've moved into Orange County/Los Angeles, we see that expansion going further.

So our vision in the early years was small and short-term, but now it's much broader and much longer-term. We're really excited about that.

Jonathan Gallagher:

It's actually really funny to think back to those early days when Craig and I started in 2007. I mean I'll never forget we were working seven days a week, 10 to 15 hour days.

It seemed like every night I'd wake up and stare at the ceiling at 2:00 in the morning just kind of freaking out about the challenge of starting a business and the risks associated with it, but at that time I don't know if we could have ever really envisioned really the impact on our community, the impact we're having on our customers or for our customers. And I think we think the most important is the impact we're having with our team members and employees.

It's just the greatest I think outcome we could have envisioned at the time, and we're really excited about the future of where we're gonna take this company as a team. And I think the future looks very bright for Coastal Payroll.