How Do I Follow HR laws For Remote Employees?

This is a question we receive with increasing frequency, as remote work grows in popularity. And we get it. It’s a bit confusing to know which laws govern when you have employees located in different states, but here’s some information to help clarify things. 

Home State Rules

The simple answer is you are required to follow the labor laws of the state where your employee is located. For instance, if you have an employee working in Ohio, you are required to follow Ohio wage and hour laws for that employee. 

Even If We Are Headquartered In Another State?

Yes, your employees are covered by their state laws, no matter where you are located. In fact, we have clients we work with that are growing to have employees in all 50 states. They will be required to follow the laws required by each of those states for the employees located there. Ohio employees with Ohio law, Tennessee employees with Tennessee law and so on. 

What Am I Required To Follow?

Primarily, we recommend you check out the wage and hour laws in the states where you have employees. You can also explore any other types of labor laws (e.g. harassment, discrimination) particular to those states. For instance, many employers are required to send labor law posters to their employees, even those who work remotely. 

How Can I Keep Track Of It All?

We know that it’s a lot! The first place to start is on the state’s labor website to explore the wage and labor laws. 

If you are having a hard time managing employees in too many states, we’d love to talk about how we can help. We work alongside our HR Elite clients to create custom, integrated strategies that support their growth.   

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