How Do You Recognize Your Standout Employees?

Employee appreciation programs lead to great workplaces. But you don’t have to take our word for it. According to a Globoforce WorkHuman Research Institute survey, 88% of employees at companies with value-based recognition programs describe their workplace in positive terms. This is meaningful considering that a Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey showed that 47% of HR professionals describe employee retention as their top concern. If HR professionals can find ways to improve work life and overall satisfaction, they can lessen turnover and keep the talent they worked so hard to attract. 

But What Kind of Recognition?

The  SHRM survey noted that employees whose recognition programs were directly related to the organization’s overall value structure were much more likely to describe the program as “Good” or “Excellent.” It seems that allowing your program to be defined by and built out of your company’s overall culture makes it more successful. For us at Coastal, that means going back to our Core Values to drive how we create appreciation programs.


Ideas For Recognition Programs

It’s time to start implementing more programs, informed by values, to recognize your employees for the hard work they put in. Here are some ideas for creating programs and culture, informed by our own experiences and some of our Facebook friends

  • Make It Corporate

Show your whole team how much you appreciate the work they do by integrating fun events for everyone. Food-related events can include everything from catered lunches and potlucks to food trucks and fancy teas. For us, this means lunches on Fridays, a cookie oven and a juice bar in the office. Or maybe an activity such as yoga in the office or company-wide competitions.

  • Make It Personal

Don’t forget to recognize specific employees for their contributions. Employee of the Month may seem overdone, but sometimes that’s what works. We do this at Coastal and we love the opportunity to really shine a light on a standout employee. We recommend making it easy for employees to nominate one another for recognition. Whether it’s in your internal or external newsletter, at team meetings, or on the wall, employee recognition needs a place to shine. Get a plan in place that naturally jives with your company’s way of communicating. 

  • Make It Spontaneous

Sometimes the best time to show appreciation is in the moment. Put together a simple program that allows for immediate gratification. At Coastal, we use gratitude rocks, which are left on the desks of employees who live out our values. We’ve heard of other companies using rubber ducks or other trinkets. This makes gratitude a natural part of every day. 

Culture matters to your company, because it matters to your employees. Be the kind of place that employees want to brag about to their friends. Getting a handle on your company culture, and building employee recognition around your values, can help ensure your employees feel satisfied and fulfilled in their jobs. 

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