How Well Are You Evaluating Employees?

Knowing what you’re looking for in employees is the first step in their success. If you’re vague or unsure about what you expect from employees, they have no way of actually meeting your expectations. Furthermore, you have no way of measuring their performance, and if they fall behind, it becomes difficult to hold them to an objective standard.


Clarity starts with asking the right questions. When you have those in place, you can begin to compare fairly, evaluate effectively and collect accurate data about potential hires or current employees. We work with our HR Elite clients to develop the questions, and ultimately the systems, to make these things happen.


From the Beginning

It all begins before you hire an employee — and even before the interview. We help our HR Elite clients put together job descriptions and create job listings that comprehensively explain the role they’re looking to fill. This enables them to attract the right type of person for the job. Then for the interview, we can develop a systematic series of questions, based on the industry and job type, to really compare applicants fairly. We can also train hiring managers in effective and compliant interview processes. We help uncover the kinds of questions that draw out the information needed to make the best hiring choice.


Benchmarks Along the Way

Too often, we hear HR managers or CEOs aren’t conducting regular performance reviews because they’re too complicated or take too long, or because it’s no longer “popular” to do. And when they do, we often find irrelevant questions are being used — either because a job role has evolved over time or the questions are geared for a different industry or role. We recommend that employers not only begin or continue to provide feedback and document performance by conducting regular reviews, but that they  develop questions that truly gauge employee performance at your unique company. We work with our HR Elite clients to come up with these questions and develop a plan for scheduled performance reviews. We help them put the paperwork and systems into place so these reviews become almost automatic. We help them set up performance review processes in iSolved so their data is saved and easily retrievable.


Knowing what questions to ask gives you the ability to know exactly who you want in a position and how that person can be successful. This not only gives you the ability to accurately track their progress, but gives your employees the framework for success. It all starts with questions. Are you asking the right ones?


And while we’re thinking about it, here are a few interview questions to avoid.