iSolved | HCM v6.4 Features and Development Items

HCM Updates

Employee Self Service – Employee Document Categories

Employee documents are now organized into categories. The document will still follow existing security restrictions but are sorted and organized for easier document management. Documents types are categorized at the system level.

Employee Self Service – Self Service Management

Employers can manage employee emails with the Self Service Management dashboard. Employee self-service activation emails can be sent or resent from the dashboard with tabs to see who is inactive, locked or needs to be activated.

The Resend Emails tab provides access to all Emails that have been sent to employees in a 30 day time span. The dashboard can be used to confirm an email was sent to an employee and resend if the email was not received.

2020 W4 Updates

Update the Federal Income Tax section, on the Tax Information/Quick Hire/New Hire Wizard screens, to support 2020 W4 updates to filing status values of "Single or married filing separately," "Married filing jointly" and "Head of household." And 2019 filing statuses of "Single" or "Married." Employee Import update to support 2020 W4 updates:

Employee Management

Benefit Evaluation Utility

The Benefit Evaluation Utility allows users want to manage benefit eligibility. New features are added, including COBRA syncs and ACA changes. The Benefit Evaluation Utility has been expanded to account for several additional eligibility scenarios.

Benefits/ HR



FLSA Exemption Threshold Report

New regulations requiring the minimum salary for exempt employees changed to 35,568 annually effective January 1, 2020. The "FLSA Exemption Threshold Report" is available to help employers identify Salary/Exempt employees that are paid at or below the FLSA threshold.



Service Bureau

Service Bureau- Reporting

W2 Refresh – Updates Only batch

Provide the option to do a W2 refresh/reprint that refreshes all year end output but only creates a Print batch that includes employees that had updates. Regenerate Tax Files: Add “Refresh/Reprint - Updates Only” button.

Year End

Tax Integration

Time Updates