iSolved | HCM v5.0.07 Features and Development Items

The following new features and development items are included in the iSolved release. This summary is intended to provide you with a basic overview of the changes made to the program with this release. Please refer to the TFS List on the University Library for additional release items.

Client Benefit Plan wizard

New client benefit plan wizard and additional options for client level benefit plan setup.

Employee Preferred Name

iSolved now has a field to add an employee “Preferred Name”. This field will be available on all new hire and employee maintenance screens. The field will display on the employee list, included in an employee search, available for employee emails and available in report writer.

Email Alert Notification for Document Acknowledgement

iSolved added the option to send email notification to employees that they need to acknowledge documents. New tab available when configuring Employee Messages that have documents requiring acknowledgement.

Employee Documents Default Access

Employers and employees can maintain employee documents in iSolved. Using the Self Service Roles screen, employers have the ability to easily manage document access.

Client User Security – Alternate Profiles

The client user will have a single login, in the user menu they can switch between their different company or pay group user contexts. The menu / employee list will change based on role and security access. A new option on the client user contact screen supports the Multi User setup.

Pay Stub Voucher Print options

Pay group Check Options includes a new option to print vouchers only for employees without ESS access or if they have self service and elect a printed pay stub.

Employee Job copy feature

Added a new function for 'Add New and Copy' that will create a new job record effective today (default) and retain current job record data.

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