Join the Coastal team! We're hiring a Human Capital Management Sales Executive

Hi! We're hiring. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Coastal difference, please read on.


Human Capital Management (HCM) Sales Executive


An Exciting Goal

  • Our mission is to make technology human and provide world class customer service. So, what does that mean to you?  Your job at Coastal Payroll is to provide solutions where technology and people intersect to drive customer success.
  • Coastal Payroll is a Payroll/Human Capital Management and HR company that supports the technology and service needs of modern businesses from strategy to implementation to talent acquisition and retention.
  • Coastal Payroll is an organization uniquely positioned to bring the best solution on demand. Whether your solution requires technology leadership, solution decision support and delivery or service. Our goal is to make Coastal Payroll the preferred choice for companies looking to elevate their human capital management challenges.

The Challenges You Will Face


  • You belong to a small team tackling big challenges. You need to be strategically savvy to win business from our C-suite and HR prospects. And you must be adept at helping Coastal Payroll to strategically position itself in a competitive market where customers are bombarded with options through many channels.
  • We want to revolutionize how technology and service resources are engaged to accelerate the process and human capital management Every day we wake up focused on being better than the day before.  We see ourselves as a team of go-getters, never accepting 2nd place, challenging our networks and prospects to be better.   If winning is your passion, this is where you belong.
  • You will need to navigate the often lengthy and complicated buying process from prospecting to closing deals. You will need to understand the market, the risks and opportunities your customers face. Our sales are achieved through teamwork internally and externally.

What It Takes For You To WIN


  • Clearly communicate to C-level and HR Management the value of the solutions offered by Coastal Payroll.
  • Embrace a modern, data-driven, lead generation and sales approach. You will employ an effective and state-of-the-art sales methodology. The use of CRM tools and working in an open and challenging team setting empowers you to exceed your goals.
  • Build a valuable and convertible pipeline. You will expertly segment the market, prioritize potential clients based upon Coastal Payroll’s relevance to them, their size, the timing of their planning process and their likelihood of engaging Coastal Payroll for their success.
  • Cultivate at least 20 strong referral partners in the financial and insurance services world
  • Win 40 – 60 new clients in a calendar year


Qualified candidates should send us an email with their resume and cover letter to