Meet Our Director of Training and Product Management, Suzanna!

At Coastal, we are all about our people! We love them like our own – and we want you to get to know them. We’re pretty sure you will come to love them too!

Suzanna exemplifies the people-first spirit of Coastal. As our Director of Training and Product Management, Suzanna works directly with our staff and our clients to equip them with the knowledge they need to do their jobs well.

Suzanna conducts training with all our staff –especially with our HCM (Human Capital Management) specialists so they can implement your products with ease. She also conducts dozens of web-based and on-site trainings for our clients – customizing for each one.

Whether it’s over shuffleboard or in our morning huddles, Suzanna relishes talking with the other staff. Together they identify problems that seem to continually arise with certain clients. She will often arrange a targeted training session for that client to resolve any future issues – and our clients love her for it.

Like so many of us, Suzanna’s favorite part of working with Coastal is the team! We really are a family and with all of us onboard, we do great work! Part of that is the open-door and open-communication available with our president and CEO. That transparency trickles down – so we are all comfortable sharing ideas and making great things happen.

When she’s away from the Coastal office, Suzanna’s still pouring herself into others. She and her daughter love to volunteer – they spend every Sunday serving lemonade to anyone who wants some through the Food not Bombs project. With a  degree in Mathematics from SDSU, she also tutors GED candidates.

To learn more about our Coastal Family, and to see Suzanna all dressed up and cracking jokes with her daughter, check out our Coastal People page.