NEW iSolved April Technology Updates: HCM v5.0.01 Features and Development Items

Still Waiting for Certification!


E-Verify functionality

Note: This cannot be released until it has been tested and certified by the USCIS. This is a lengthy process. Once certified we will release it in the next available interim release.

Included in this release


Employee Self Service Benefit Updates
  • Employees can update 401k amounts, HSA Amounts, HSA Accounts, Beneficiaries, and Primary Care Physicians at any time throughout the year using the Benefit Updates screen.
  • Workflow approval/emails are available.
  • Update options can be controlled by benefit plan.
  • The Benefit Updates should eliminate the need for “All Year” enrollment periods.
  • Employees walk through a wizard to update their information.


Email Notifications without approval
  • This allows email notification to managers, supervisors or client groups that are not part of the approval process.
  • Auto Approve transactions can include emails also.
Employee Contacts Update
  • Add a flag to employee contacts “Use Employee Address”
  • Can be selected for any Employee Contact
  • When the employee address changes the contact address will change
  • Eliminates carrier feed issues when employee address is updated and contacts were not.

Employee Garnishment Update:
  • Ability to enter employee garnishments start date.
  • Multiple orders can be entered and the timing of the garnishments can be controlled by the existing expiration date and the new start date field.

1099 Taxable Payment option:
  • Ability to enter 1099 Taxable Payments for FIT/SIT withholding tax calculations.
  • 1099 taxable wage amounts and taxes will be accumulated.
  • Taxation will be based on the Vertex Comp ID for the earning.
  • Only 1099 earnings with a 1099 Year End Designation will be included in the taxable calculation.
  • Checks with 1099 earnings only will include the taxable calculation. Checks with W2 or 1099 earnings combined will not include 1099 taxable calculation.
  • This will support the new PA requirement for SIT Withholding for 1099 earnings
Employee Change log and Employee Audit: Employee Contacts Table Available!
  • Curious who changed what and when on the Employee Contacts screen?
  • Now you can identify changes made on the Employee Contacts screen using the “Person Contact” table
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Human Resources

Employee Messages – ‘Status’ Drop-down Now Available!
  • Before – you had to sift through inactive and active Employee Messages
  • Now – filter your list of available Employee Messages by status
  • A message is considered “Inactive” if the expiration date is less than today’s date
Onboarding – Admins Can Now Reset EE Access When Locked
  • Before – Admin had to delete and re-initiate onboarding process in the event an employee locked themselves out
  • Now – Via the Pending New Hire Dashboard, Admins can now unlock ESS accounts still in the onboarding process
Onboarding – Manager Can Initiate, Supervisor Can Complete
  • Before – If manager/supervisor was not assigned to employee, unassigned manager/supervisor could not be a part of the onboarding process.
  • Now – Manager/Supervisor can initiate new hire process, unassigned manager can complete new hire process


Meal/Break Options for ESS

New ESS Punching Options in the Time Card Permission Rules.

  • Disable Meal or Break Options: Will remove the Meal or Break option from ESS Detail Punch Forms.
  • Restrict Meal or Break Options: Allows Meals/Breaks to be restricted based on a Punch Duration. Specify the length of time to restrict in hours and minutes. Users will not be allowed to punch back in from meal or break until the restriction duration has been met.