Our NEW iSolved release is coming on October 26!

We have several updates coming on Friday, October 26 for you and your employees.



HCM Updates

  • Unlock Your Own iSolved Login
  • Automatic Payroll/File Transmission
  • Preparation for Year-End

Time Updates

  • Virtual Clock
  • Exclude Earnings/Memos with Zero Total Hours/Dollars
  • Update Analyze Rules Logging Behavior



Unlock Your Own iSolved Login

Solved now allows your employees to unlock their own accounts. Employees and administrators will have more control over their iSolved account while still maintaining a high level of security protection. Employees no longer need to contact the HR or payroll department to unlock their employee self-service (ESS) login.   

If one of your employees forgets their password and attempts to log in, after five unsuccessful attempts, the account is locked. In this release, a new feature will be implemented that automatically unlocks the account after 10 minutes. They can attempt to log in again or use the forgot password function. If the user attempts to log in again and has five more failed attempts, the 10-minute process will be repeated.  Although ESS users will have the ability to unlock their account, a client-level or service-level user can still unlock the accounts on the general screen.

The messaging for user login attempts has also been updated.  After each failed attempt the message will count down, so the users are alerted that their account will be locked.

Your login attempt was not successful. Your account will be locked after five unsuccessful attempts; three attempts remain. Please try again or use Forgot Password.

The message after the fifth failed attempt and the account is locked:

This user account is currently locked.  Please wait 10 minutes to log in with the correct password or use the Forgot Password function to reset your password.


Automatic Payroll Report/File Transmission

You may be asked to provide immediate access to data that is generated as part of your payroll to third-party vendors/systems.  The most common request is for retirement account contributions.  Any report/export that can be generated as payroll output (or that is found in the Report Archive) can be set up for automatic transmission to the third-party vendor/system when the payroll is processed.


Virtual Clock

The iSolved Virtual Clock is a web-based time clock that allows multiple employees to punch in and out via a web interface.  Employees using the iSolved Virtual Clock do not have to log completely into iSolved to register a punch.

Note: Please contact us for pricing and capabilities on the iSolved Virtual Clock.


Exclude Earnings/Memos with Zero Total Hours/Dollars 

If an employee was terminated but had a future transaction on their time card for zero hours, the system will no longer create a regular check during the commit process. As long as the total hours or dollars are zero, the earnings will now be excluded from check creation.


Update Analyze Rules Logging Behavior

In response to issues with loading complex computation time cards and those with large employee counts, the Analyze Rules feature now has a toggle option to turn it on and off. By default, this functionality will now be disabled to decrease the loading times of time cards.

If additional information is needed for the time card, simply toggle to enable the analyze rules. This will regenerate the time card and allow for advanced troubleshooting. When you end the session, the analyze rules functionality will default back to being disabled.