Our Secret is that We Care. A lot.

We’ll admit it– we do things a little differently at Coastal Payroll. And we like it that way. Because when it comes to our clients, we actually care, a lot. We care about your organizations and the causes you’re passionate about. We care about your people and their purpose.

1. You’re A Person, Not an Account Number

Is there anything less personal than dialing a series of numbers or speaking your account number over and over again? That’s why we don’t use automated phone systems. We match every client to a dedicated representative is ready to help you whenever you need. They know you by name. They are ready to greet you when you stop into the office. Because we care.

2. Real People Means Real HR Solutions

Our clients tell us they love the straightforward approach to working with us. When you call or come into the office, our representatives don’t read from a script or give standardized answers. Because our Coastal People get to know the in’s and out’s of your organization, we can offer robust and creative solutions unique to you. Because we care.

3. Nonprofit Clients and Their Causes

One of the best parts about working with you and your business is we get behind the work you do. We love that our work directly impacts you and supports your success – and the success of every person in your organization. We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to get involved in some of the causes our clients are passionate about. Because we care.

We Are A Small Business Too

Our clients are constantly surprised by how different we are. We aren’t just another automated human resources company with flowery scripted responses. We are home-grown and human. We’re more than just a payroll company, we do things the Coastal way. If you’re ready to experience this difference for yourself, request a quote today.