Overcoming Entrepreneurship Fears

Entrepreneurship comes with a plateful of fears. And as you begin to grow your business and welcome new team members to the fold, those fears can be almost paralyzing. We found a way to flip those fears around and push past them, growing our team our way. Here’s how.

Video Transcript

As an entrepreneur starting up a new company there are a lot of fears, but one thing that you have the utmost confidence in is the ability in yourself to succeed. You know that you have the determination and the will to struggle through whatever it takes to help you get to the next day.

As you start to grow a company those fears change too how do you build a team that shares the same beliefs and the values that you do and can think like an owner. In the early years, we had a lot of fear around growing and scaling our business, but one of the things that was very pivotal in helping us to do so was defining our values.

Our core values, our set of beliefs became entwined in how we recruited employees, how we hired them and how we evaluated them on a day-to-day basis. And it's been a huge component of our success as we've grown from a small company to one with over 50 employees.