Proof of Our Impact



From the beginning, we have worked hard to stand apart – to do business differently than we saw around us. But with our head in the details, we didn’t always notice the impact we were having on our community and our industry. In December 2008, something happened that made us realize we were really making a difference. Craig and Johnny tell the whole story here.



Well, in the early years, we just wanted to deliver positive experiences to our clients. So we had impact just from hearing people be happy about you know the service that we delivered to our clients, but in December 2008 when we were named a finalist for the Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics, which is an award granted annually by the Better Business Bureau that's when I really felt like we were having an impact on the community.

That was an award that measured our integrity, our honesty, our ability to do business with ethics, and for people to be able to trust us, so that was huge. For us to have an acknowledgment that we were doing the right thing. That all the things that we did each day at work we're now being recognized by the greater community.

What we're so excited about that we were a finalist within our first few years of business but weighed on us that we hadn't won, so when we actually won the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2016 we were very, very proud of our accomplishments.

As such, they nominated us the next year into the International Torch Awards for marketplace ethics which is put on every year from the Better Business Bureaus around world, and we were so proud to be one of four companies in the United States to win that award. Craig and I are both very very proud of that accomplishment you.