There Are Real People Behind All that Paperwork

In our industry, we talk a lot about people. After all, it comes up in a lot of the terms we use - human capital, human resources, workforce management. Employees and employers, and how they relate between and among each other, are our business.

And that often means trying to translate people on paperwork. Payroll entries, labor data, and statistics, scheduling conflicts and resolutions, entitlements and reimbursements to accounts.

But when we talk about people, we mean actual human people. People with lives outside of their employment, both our offices and the offices of our clients. People who get hungry, people who have hobbies and passions, people with experiences and families and goals. Those are the people we really care about.

“Our 401K, benefits, vacation and wellness pay programs are all included in our payroll, making life easier and simpler.” Yelp Reviewer

Soaring Scores

We like to boast that our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is nearly unheard of at 76! NPS is a direct measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty, it measures how likely you are to refer them to your family and friends. Very few companies can tout that high number. We are proud of that number because of what it stands for. We didn’t uncover a secret sales strategy or engage in a marketing scheme. We care about clients. We are on call and super responsive, delivering results quickly and developing solutions that last. Our staff become friends with our clients, and truly care about how the service they are providing is improving our clients’ lives. In turn, our clients know they can trust us and stay with us. That’s why our customer loyalty score is so astronomical and why that number really motivates us.


Here are 3 ways We Take Care of Our People, Inside and Out

1) Happy Employees, Happy Clients


Let’s be frank - people do better work when they are happy. Our Coastal team is family and we care about their everyday lives - including their work day. And we know that they can deliver better service when they are well-taken care of, well-rested and well-fed. We encourage work-life balance so employees come to work feeling refreshed and refocused. We venture out on team excursions to build camaraderie. And we feed them - including a juice bar and cookie oven on-site. So when you are interacting with our staff, you know they are energized and ready to deliver.


“I’ve used Coastal Payroll Services for several years after having unpleasant experiences with other payroll companies.  Coastal Payroll has been awesome as far as service, personal interaction, problem solving, and timely response. Every single individual that picks up their phone is extremely helpful and answers our questions immediately.”– Zoya F., Carlsbad, CA


2) More Than Talk


The environment we create is so different from others in and outside of our industry. Year after year, people notice and we win awards and recognition as a result. Most recently, we’ve been recognized among Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies, San Diego Business Journal’s 150 Fastest Growing Private Companies and Fortune Magazine’s Best Small Workplaces in America. We’ve been named among San Diego Best Places to Work in the Small Companies Category and received the Better Business Bureau Torch Award. These are more than paper and plaques to us; they represent the acknowledgment that our convictions and practices actually matter.


3) Real People


Everyday we deal with people on paper, literally, digitally and figuratively, but it’s the humans behind those that drive us. We want people living better lives, at work and away from work. We want to see them passionate, happy, and motivated. And that’s what keeps us going. If you’re ready to experience the Coastal difference, call us today. There is always a real person who is ready, and happy, to talk with you.