Who Do You Call with Urgent HR Questions?

We talk so often about our focus on people because that’s the foundation upon which Coastal Payroll is built. Everything we do and develop is about helping real people with real HR problems find meaningful solutions.

Starting with Resources

How often do you rely on Google for HR documents and forms? It can be a quick resource when you know exactly what you need - and exactly what the form is called. But what about when you don’t know which version of that document you need? Or who in the organization needs to fill out that form? You can start with resources, via Google or your favorite database, but soon, you’ll need someone who can provide specific answers to local concerns.

More Than a Call Center

That’s the great thing about HR Elite. We actually pick up the phone when you call and can provide expert answers to your HR questions based on our experience and our knowledge of you and your business. When you aren’t sure which form you need or whether you’ve filled it out correctly, or any other question that might arise, we are here for you. That’s the point of HR Elite — to have someone who has made it a point to understand your specific needs in your corner.

As we work through your customized strategic plan, from initial tasks to get you on track to larger projects down the road, we know questions, concerns, issues, and sometimes just curiosities are going to come up. We don’t expect you to wait until the next meeting, go searching down the trails of the internet or figure it out on your own. As our HR Elite client, you’ve got our ear — and our expertise. Call us anytime.

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