Why Every Business Needs HR Services

HR Coastal PayrollWhether your company has 1 or 1000 employees, there are minimum HR requirements you must provide. Failure to provide some of these necessities may result in devastating fines. The problem is, however, that small to medium business owners are not aware of what these HR requirements entail.

Too commonly, there are stories leaking out about these issues. HR is often times the laugh of the roundtable, and it is taken far less seriously than needed. In the youth of a new business, months and even years go by without providing your employees with items they are fundamentally and legally entitled to.

As a workforce management solution firm, we hear stories of these businesses. Often, and suddenly, an entrepreneurs' worst nightmare strikes. As he/she hangs up the phone and begins to tilt up to greet the newcomer to their office, the young owner is shocked by the stack of papers they receive instead of a friendly handshake. A lawsuit is now upon their firm, risking everything built thus far.

We urge all clients, current and prospective, to ensure they cover their bases concerning HR related matters.

Common Small to Medium Business HR Topics for Consideration

  • Workforce Planning
  • Employee Recruitment Ethics and Best Practices
  • Employee Retention Techniques
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Firing Employees, or Laying-off Staff
  • Employee Training Development
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Creating Job Descriptions, Standards, and Expectations
  • Developing conflict management strategies and conflict resolution methods
  • Developing and Employee Compensation and Benefits Structure
  • Developing and Communicating Employee and Business Policies: Employee Handbook
  • Staying in Compliance with the Affordable Care Act, Equal Opportunity Employment Requirements, and other established Legal Standards 

The Small to Medium Sized Business HR Solution

A sound Human Resources foundation is required to keep you in compliance with state and federal laws and avoid potential lawsuits. Hiring internal HR personnel can be expensive and not within your company's budget. But not having essential HR practices in place, such as a handbook, corporate policies, disciplinary notice tracking, and documented procedures for hiring and termination are mandatory.

Many of our clients face the tough decision of when to outsource the HR function. We offer a simple, inexpensive solution - Coastal Payroll's HR Support Center. 

Our HR Support Center can be a vital resource for your company to maintain compliance and avoid legal issues which can cripple a business.

We are offering a free 30-day trial of our HR Support Center to our clients during the month of June. You'll have 30 days to review the HR Support Center and all the content available to help you manage your HR function. After 30 days, if you see the value this resource offers you can continue on the service for only $40 per month.  Imagine, a team of HR professionals at your service for only $40 per month!

All that is needed to start the service is to contact your Payroll Specialist and let them know you are ready for your free trial.

Contact us today and get started down the path to strengthening your company's HR practices!