Why We Think Our Coastal Bosses are the Best

National Bosses Day is October 16 and we at Coastal look for every opportunity to celebrate a holiday. There are a lot of reasons to be thankful for our bosses at Coastal, Jonathan and Craig:

  • They give us each a chance to work at one of the best places to work in San Diego.
  • They bake cookies.
  • Their offices are always open for us to ask questions or learn from them.
  • They regularly walk around the office to encourage us each toward our goals.
  • They saw the vision for what is now Coastal from the earliest days.

The list could go on and on. But the most important reason we’re so thankful for them is the culture they set.

Setting the Tone by Setting the Culture

Craig and Jonathan live out our values on a daily basis and work hard to set an example for all of us. We all know or have seen examples of leaders who set expectations, but live by another set of standards. We at Coastal are grateful to be here every day in this culture, where values aren’t just talked about; they are practiced. And that starts at the top.
So thank you, Jonathan and Craig, for believing we could do business differently, for our clients and for one another. And for welcoming each of us into that magic.