Why We Work Hard and Play Hard, Every Day

Think that a workplace full of people you like, doing great work, improving the world around them and having some fun along the way is the employment equivalent of winning the lottery?
Yeah, we thought so too. And then we built Coastal.
At Coastal, we actually care about people – real people – and the impact our work has on their lives. We live by our values. We truly inspire one another to be better.


Take a look behind the scenes and see for yourself..


We don’t take ourselves too seriously … and our team headshots show it. Want to guess who this is?


These are the values we live and work by. You can feel it throughout our office. We live in breath by them. They are part of our company culture (no joke!).


Of course, we are biased, but our CEO is seriously the best. Yes, it was his idea to get a cookie oven for our office. Yes, we have a variety of cookie dough selections in our freezer. Stop by for some fresh cookies and milk (smile).  


We truly care about all of our team – and we make a big deal about birthdays around here! Cake anyone?

A little birthday surprise for our Operations Manager! #balloons #hbd #celebration

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We play hard to work hard … and holidays are the perfect excuse! From Halloween costume contests to February fitness, we are always looking for healthy competition and a chance to have fun with it! How is planning their office Halloween costume for next year…?!


It’s hard to build a great environment, when the office space is uninspiring. Our office has killer views, zen-like spaces to work and relax, and a general atmosphere of high-energy and positivity.


Sometimes your brain needs a break – and we all need to blow off some steam. Time for a pick-up game of shuffleboard and putt-putt golf. Who’s in?

Maybe it’s a cliché, but don’t care. We’re a family. We care for people. It’s just what we do. And it shows!

Your Turn

So, what do you think? Can you picture yourself here? It’s not too good to be true! It’s the Coastal Difference.