You know you work at Coastal Payroll when…

We’re not bashful about admitting that we have a pretty great work culture. How do you know when you’re a part of the Coastal family?

1- You know those phrases on the Value Wall by heart, and you find ways to live them out daily.

2- You plan your weekly meals around those Free Lunch Fridays.


3- You are already looking forward to the next company Quarterly Fun Day.

4- You’ve just casually walked into any one of the c-suite’ offices, without a formal meeting. Because that’s what open door policies mean. 

5- You know a little trivia about the area around you, thanks to company sponsored community and culture events.

6- You’re actually motivated to get to work on time… just to make the morning huddle, to keep you on track and goal focused.

7- You have a clear and honest idea about the overall health of the company, thanks to monthly stage updates and transparent company approach. 


8- You still talk about the goodies from your Awesome Welcome Package!


9- You know the precise moment cookies are done baking, based on smell alone, thanks to the in-office cookie oven.

Oh No! We got a cookie oven! #dietstartstomorrow #cookies #mmm

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10- You’ve started juicing every day, because why not?! The juicer is available on site!


11- You’ve gotten a little picky about your coffee and snack options, after tasting the endless selection of goodies in the office.

Can't have a Friday without donuts! #tgif #mmmmmmmmm

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12- You’re not even surprised, but you’re definitely grateful, when the company wins yet another awesome award.

13- Your desk is dressed up for your birthday and your team gets you birthday treats. Because that’s what we do at Coastal.

14- You know the ins and outs of the latest HR regulations, policy changes and payroll latest and greatest.

15- You know that you have a supportive team around you, to lean on, learn from and grow with!

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