Retirement Plan Services

Many employers face the burden of working with multiple parties to manage their retirement plans.

Coastal Payroll Services has worked with financial advisors, retirement plan providers, and third party administrators for many years to help them provide their clients with a fully integrated solution to managing retirement plans.

Our Retirement Plan Services

Participant Enrollment:

  • Partnering with financial advisors, we arrange for you to get informed on all the possible options including 401K, simple IRA, and SEP IRA
  • First, we’ll focus on your objectives and needs. Then, we discuss the plan design, funding, administration, and participant communication elements to address any issues.

Contribution Funding:

  • We automatically contribute funds to retirement savings plans
  • Funding is conveniently facilitated from your account to the financial service, removing the burden of manual processing


  • Coastal Payroll Services has a fully integrated employee census system that allows for firms to gather information on all employees to decipher the best retirement plan options for the employees
  • Data is managed completely online – thus, increasing overall convenience and efficiency

Record Keeping:

  • We work closely with Third Party Administrators (TPA) to provide the data necessary to keep your retirement plan in compliance. We’ll build your retirement plans in our payroll platform, allow your employees to enroll in the plans through our Open Enrollment module, and provide census and additional reporting data to your TPA.

Payroll Administration:

  • Most employers recognize that the hardest part of administering their benefit programs is the on-going data collection and remittance that must be sent to your benefits administrator(s).
  • Coastal Payroll offers employers the opportunity to consolidate retirement plan services with payroll processing.
  • Sync retirement planning services with payroll, allowing for the efficient coordination