What do we offer? How does it work?
And all the other burning questions!
What kinds of businesses do you serve?

We’re industry agnostic, and are pleased to serve all kinds of businesses: Small, mid-sized and large companies alike.

Can you serve companies outside of California?

We do! While we proud of our California roots, we serve clients throughout the U.S., coast to coast and across all states and territories. 

Are you a broker?

We are NOT brokers, but we do love to partner with them! We’ve got over 300 partnerships in our network, and are always looking to add more. We can connect to pretty much any platform to get your data transferred over seamlessly. 

Do you just do payroll?

Nope! From hired to retired, when it comes to your employees, we’ve got you covered.

What’s an auto attendant? And why don’t you have one?

Have you ever called a company and been led through series of automated options by a (clearly) robotic voice only to sit on hold and listen to elevator music before actually reaching a real human being? That’s an auto attendant. Here at Coastal, we value your time, which is why you’ll always reach a real human when you call us.

What is an NPS score? Why should I care?

Net promoter score (NPS) measures customer satisfaction by asking this question: “How likely are you to recommend this service to a friend?” In the B2B world, 30 is considered a “good” score by most companies. At Coastal, our NPS is 71, and we won’t rest until we reach 100.

Is making the switch going to be a big headache?

We know switching platforms and learning a new system is a big deterrent for business owners, which is why we’ve made the implementation process easy and headache free (and if we do say so ourselves, among the best in the industry!). You’ll have a dedicated team member by your side start to finish. 

Do we have to switch at the quarter? When can I switch?

Switch anytime! We load individual payroll as opposed to a quarterly dump. 

What kind of integrations do you have?

We offer integrations with most major providers across retirement, workers comp, and time card tracking. See our full partner list. Something missing? Reach out! We’re always looking to expand. 

What makes your ERC support different?

Unlike others, we don’t charge a percentage. Our main priority is supporting out clients, so we’re always upfront and transparent about our fees. Contact us for more information. 

Will you be able to support my business as we grow?

We love to support your business as you grow! Our system is robust and can grow with you – or shrink with you. We’re with you wherever your business takes you.

“But do you offer-?”

We get it. As your business grows, you’ll need more support, and that means more tools that make your life easier. Chances are, we already offer what you’re looking for including integrations, technology, and customized solutions. Reach out today to learn more about what we can do to help.

I'm just asking for a quote. Can you tell me how much it costs?

Every business is unique and has different goals, and we take a lot of pride in providing custom solutions for our clients. Tell us a bit more about you so we can connect you to a consultant and get you an accurate quote for your business. The last thing we want to do is offer you something you don’t need!

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

Anyone on our team is delighted to chat with you. But if you’re a client with us, your dedicated account rep is there to answer any questions that may come up, whenever they come up!

How can payroll automation (OR HR services) save me money?

Oh, let us count the ways. The tighter your HR processes, the more you’ll save!

  • Compliance coverage: HR audits keep you ahead of any potential compliance issues, which helps you save on penalties and fees, not to mention expensive legal action and other legal entanglements.
  • Streamlined processes: When it comes to running a business, tiime is money! So, reducing your time spent on hiring, benefits, documentation, and other inefficiencies means you save big. 
  • Outsourcing over hiring: As your company grows, so will your need for HR support. But outsourcing that work rather than hiring internally not only costs less, it saves you the time and energy of onboarding and training employees. 
Do you offer managed payroll?

At the moment, we don’t. But we do offer a whole host of payroll services to keep ledgers, numbers, and payroll tidy and accurate. Check out our Payroll page to see what we can do for you.

Do you offer Certified Payroll?

We do. We offer basic accounting and reporting for your contract employees, or enhanced services with the option form more customizable reports and insights

Do you run annual payroll? Do you run quarterly payroll?

No, the minimum we offer is monthly payroll.

Do you run payroll for household employees?

We don’t. Household employees require a different tax return (K1), which we are unable to cover.

Do you offer HR services?

100%. Hire us to cover what you need, or outsource your HR team entirely to us. Wherever your business is at, we got you. 

Do you offer administrative services for benefits?

Yes! We’re not brokers BUT all our our benefits admin is managed from one central platform, with complete customization so you can control views, add new users, create reports … well, the possibilities are endless.

Do you offer time and attendance services?

Indeed, and we’ve made it incredibly easy for employees and management to input, track, and review time reports from the road, in the office, or wherever the day takes you. 

Do you have applicant tracking?

Absolutely. We connect to 1000s of job boards so you don’t have to rely on LinkedIn to do all the heavy lifting. Plus, you can post jobs and filter applicants from one central platform so nothing gets lost. 

Do you have learning management systems?

We absolutely do! Our LMS Learning Grow currently has over 150 training videos to help you retain and train your best employees. Train managers to become empathetic leaders while showing your entire team that you’re investing in their career advancement. Access leadership skill training, front-line management videos,  and more, or create your own for customized learning that fits your team’s needs. 

Do you support a remote workforce?

Absolutely! In a post-COVID world, we understand that your employees can live anywhere!

Do you support multi-state companies?

We do indeed! 

Do you support through an employee termination process?

Absolutely. We can help support you through the process to make it feel less stressful and maintain positive employee relationships.

Can you help us create a handbook?

Yes! We can provide templates, tools, and standard blurbs OR develop a handbook for you, that’s catered to your teams’ exact needs.

Do you provide anti-harassment training?

Yes! Our LMS library includes over 150 on-demand videos, including sexual harassment to train and develop your team.

How can I keep up with all the changes in compliance and laws?

Compliance laws are always changing, so our team is pro-active in tracking it for you to bring you peace of mind. 

How do I stay up to date on HR compliance laws and regulation?

The short answer? That’s our job! We help you by running annual HR audits for our clients. Plus we always alerting you to new regulations and provide free training when significant changes roll out. If a concern arises, though, and you aren’t sure where to turn, call us! For real. We’ve got you covered. 

What is HR Elite?

We created HR Elite by special request from our clients who wanted more full service, customized support for their HR needs. We step in and create a plan to help you solve your most pressing issues. We work together to get you back on track. And we can grow with you, to meet your needs as your team grows. Want more information? Learn more about HR Elite or call us today.

What if we already have an HR manager?

We are here to support them in their role. We can come in and provide expertise, guidance, trainings, and documentation to help you stay in compliance and help your HR team focus on your team’s goals. 

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