General Ledger

General Ledger contains all the accounts for recording transactions relating to a company’s assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, revenue, and expenses.

The G/L works as a central repository for accounting data transferred from all subledgers or modules like accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, fixed assets, purchasing, and projects. General Ledger is the backbone of any accounting system which holds financial and non-financial data for an organization.

With Coastal Payroll, you can seamlessly apply payroll information into the general ledger. Our G/L interface provides you, or your accountant, online access to payroll data with every payroll. Our software guides you through a one-time set up process. This process maps the accounts and determines how the payroll is applied to the general ledger. You can even post earnings, taxes, and deductions to multiple accounts.

Save Time: Avoid having to re-input data from Coastal Payroll’s reports into your software. A simple importable file is generated for your convenience!

Stay Accurate: Numbers can be quite delicate. Between calculating and transferring data, values can go missing or end up being miscalculated. With general ledger integration, your data is accurately maintained.

Stay at Ease: Coastal Payroll is here to serve the best interests of our clients. What if you’re not on board with the traditional QuickBooks software? Not a problem! We will work with you to design templates for general ledger integration no matter the program. Don’t use any software/programs? We’ll create a journal entry for you to keep with your records!

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