Coastal Payroll’s Affordable Care Act Webcast Series

So much information, so little time.

When the 906-page PPACA legislation withstood a supreme court constitutional review, a multitude of experts, professionals, business owners, human resource personnel, and lawyers began disecting the law from first word to the final period.

Via close examination, the major components of the law have been identified and described in extensive detail throughout the web.

Coastal Payroll it taking information consolidation one step further, bringing you the most relevant information relating to notable provisions and mandates through our webcast series.

Coastal Payroll’s ACA Webcast series was established with the client in mind. In this age of information, we only seek exposure to content that notably affects us. Keeping it easily understandable, our webcasts shine light onto the notable provisions including employer shared responsibility, notice of exchanges and subsidies, effects on small businesses, and more.

Over the next few months, we will continue to roll out important and time-sensitive ACA information so that you stay compliant and avoid costly penalties.

ACA Webcasts

  1. Employer Shared Responsibility Mandate: Covered in this webcast is an overview of the employer shared responsibility mandate including business size calculations, affordable and minimum essential coverage requirements, potential penalties, and more. In the first of Coastal Payroll’s Affordable Care Act Webcast Series, Craig Coleman – President of Coastal Payroll Services and Certified Public Accountant – delves into this famed topic under the ACA.


  1. Notice of Exchanges and Subsidies: The second webcast concerns perhaps the most time-sensitive subject matter – notice of exchanges and subsidies. By October 1, 2013 all employers regardless of business size must distribute notices informing employees whether or not the company will provide a health insurance option. How will these exchanges and subsidies unfold? What is the purpose and benefits for both employers and employees? Click and watch to have all your notice of exchanges and subsidies questions answered.


  1. *To Be Continued*