COBRA Administration

At face value, the federal COBRA law appears simple, providing health insurance coverage continuation to individuals that would otherwise lose coverage.

Behind that simple appearance, COBRA administration and complianceare complex as employee benefits become more complicated and challenging, not easier. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created new rules and regulations to understand. COBRA is becoming harder to manage and will continue to test an employer’s compliance. New rules and regulations are making COBRA compliance even more complex. Audits by the DOL and IRS are on the rise and noncompliance penalties can be brutal. Protect your company with our COBRA administration services.

Our COBRA administration service is administered by Infinisource and includes the following services and benefits:

  • Setup
  • New Enrollee Notices
  • Qualifying Event Notices
  • Premium Collection
  • COBRA Eligibility Management Services

Our iSolved HCM platform integrates with our COBRA administration service so data is automatically transferred when qualifying events occur. Imagine how easy your COBRA administration will become.