Are You Ready For Some Football?

Can Vince Lombardi Teach Us Something About Business?


No one can argue with Vince Lombardi’s success on the football field. As a high school coach, his “small school” St Cecilia’s New Jersey football team competed against much larger schools with nearly ten times the enrollment.  Nevertheless, his team won three consecutive New Jersey state football championships.

As the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, his team won the NFL Championship including the first two Super Bowls a total of five times.  That is five times in only nine seasons.

Ironically, Coach Lombardi’s playbook was very thin. The Lombardi Packer’s had only a handful of offensive plays. However, Coach Lombardi obsessed about perfecting these plays. Former Raiders coach John Madden often tells a story about going to a Lombardi coaches clinic where Vince spent 8 straight hours reviewing just one offensive play. Vince Lombardi was not the “mad scientist” type of coach who was developing exotic offensive plays and out scheming opposing coaches. Instead, Lombardi demanded that his team flawlessly execute the few plays they had. The key to Coach Lombardi’s success was his team’s obsessive pursuit of perfecting and executing the simple.

This strategy has often been adopted within the business place where companies only offer a few products but the quality of the product is very high. Unlike its fast food competitors, In-N-Out Burger still only serves burgers and fries (no breakfast items, chicken nuggets, etc…) but customers rave about the quality of this fast food restaurant. When Steve Jobs reassumed control of Apple, he significantly reduced the number of products it offered while greatly improving the quality of these products.

In the same way, Southern California’s Coastal Payroll Services (with offices in Orange County and San Diego) has focused on what companies are primarily looking for in a payroll service bureau. Primarily, companies are seeking payroll solutions that improve payroll processes and delivering great customer service.  All of the services Coastal Payroll provides (internet payroll software, time and attendance software, HRIS software, tax pay, direct deposit, pay by pay workers comp and more…) serve to improve and streamline a company’s payroll process. Coastal Payroll’s commitment to customer service while simultaneously supporting our products is what sets us apart from our competitors.

While so many payroll services have diversified their product offering and now provide group health insurance, auto dealer software, supplemental insurance, etc. Coastal Payroll has remained laser focused on payroll and service.

Like Vince Lombardi’s Packers, Steve Job’s Apple, and In-N-Out Burger, Coastal Payroll has kept it simple and continues to focus on quality.