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We put the human back into human resources.
Spend your time planning Taco Tuesday, not panicking over compliance fines. Our fractional HR services give you the data, tools, and human resources to better protect your human resources. 
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With built-in employee training, tracking, and performance HR management in one fully integrated dashboard, it’s easy to manage your team as it grows. And when problems happen, call us. We'll help you get them sorted. Headaches not included.

Training? Check

Access over 150 training modules on our learning management system (LMS) or create your own so your team is always in the know and on the same page.

Stay in the Know

Focus on your people, not the red tape. Track KPIs. House sensitive employee documents and data securely across teams and managers.

Need Us? Call Us

Answer compliance and employee-related concerns with help from a team of HR professionals. We solved 11,000 HR problems last year alone!


Stay compliant without the hassle. Get compliance alerts when policies change, and get labor law posters auto-sent to your office to avoid costly fines and potential lawsuits.

Performance Tracking

Standardize positions across your organization including required competencies and salary grades. Streamline performance reviews online. Create, track, and approve reviews from one portal.

Employee Peace of Mind

House personnel files and employee paperwork securely and without a paper trail. Employees can sign and view required forms from one central HR management tool.


Working for Coastal is like being a part of the most positive and warm-loving family. Simply put, it is the best career move I have ever made. I highly encourage you to look at Coastal to find your “home”.
Yira Coleman
Coastal is a fabulous place to work as it has so much to offer: career opportunities, friendly coworkers, excellent training, never a dull moment, great medical benefits, 401k match, the list goes on and on.
Margot Geitheim
Coastal Payroll has a magnificent culture, and wonderful people that I am so lucky to work alongside. This company has truly changed my life and I am very proud to represent our amazing organization!
Chelsea Anderson

All your people needs. Met. 

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Seamless payroll processing. Compliance coverage. Reporting at your fingertips. Check, check, and check.

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time & attendance

Employee time and attendance tracking that truly shines. Transform the way you collect, manage, and process your employee time.

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Hire the best. You’re worth it. Find, screen, and onboard new employees from one place. Eureka!

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Easy and full-service employee benefits from one platform. It’s your turn to be voted best place to work.

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Protect your people and your business with fractional and fully managed HR services.

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One tool to rule them all. Streamline your retirement, workers comp, payroll, and timecards for good.

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HR, benefits, time tracking, and tech you'll love—plus help from real people when you need it.

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hr elite
hr elite

Outsourced and customized HR solutions that align with your needs and grow as you grow.

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Local Company, National Bragging Rights

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