iSolved | HCM v6.0 Features and Development Items

The following new features and development items are included in the iSolved release. This summary is intended to provide you with a basic overview of the changes made to the program with this release. Please refer to the TFS List on the University Library for additional release items.

Employee Contacts

Split employee contacts to Emergency Contacts, Dependents and Beneficiaries for Employee Self Service Users. Provides the option to control Managers/Supervisor access to Contacts.

HSA Benefit Enrollment and HSA Updates

Benefit Enrollment and Benefit update option to include HSA account information. Added a new option for HSA Enrollment options to allow Account information updates. If the third party payee is Individual ACH the employee can select a bank account. If the third party payee is Individual ACH Employee Bank the employee can select a routing number and bank account.


Roles Setup screen added a filter by User Type.

New Import Client Level and Pay Group Billing Items

Ability to import billing items by company paygroup. New service bureau import. Used for new or to update existing billing items. Import will update if name and start date exist. New data conversion master template with details.

New calculation option for Blended Overtime Blended Overtime:

The current blended overtime calculation uses hours and dollars in the Regular accumulator. The new calculation can be used to include accumulator hours/dollars and support dollars without including the hours. Examples: Piece work dollars need to be included in the blended overtime calculation but not the units that are entered as hours. Employers that have alternate shifts want an overtime calculation that is independent of the first shift regular hours and dollars. A weekend hours or second shift hours accumulator can be used to calculate blended overtime just for those hours.

Workers Compensation Limits by Classification

Workers compensation need the ability to maintain maximum wage limits, based on frequency, for a state / classification. Updated the system State Workers Comp table to store default maximum wage limit and the ability to enter maximum wage limit by classification with a frequency of Weekly or Annual. Updated client Jobs to select a default workers comp classification. Updated employee Jobs to select a workers comp classification and display the default if there is one associated with the selected job.

Client Data Transmissions File Name Placeholders

The ability to transmit a report/export that was processed with payroll directly to an FTP site was included in October 2018. There have been many requests to update the file naming values that are available when the file is created.

For Client Data Transmissions (Scheduled Payroll Reports), there are (10) placeholders that can be used in the file name. Previous fields Report Title: {1} Current Date: {2} File Extension: {3}

Added with this release: Pay Date: {4}, Period End Date: {5}, Run Number: {6}, Pay Period Number: {7}, Legal Company Code: {8}, Legal Company Name: {9}, Pay Group: {10}

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