iSolved | Time 6.0.01 Features and Development Items

The following new features and development items are included in the iSolved release coming on Friday, June 14th.

Benefit Rate Factors screen - Effective-dating Tobacco Use

Previously, if EE changes tobacco use in benefit enrollment, upon submitting the enrollment, the change is effective immediately and will cause premium calculations to change.

Added a new screen: Benefit Rate Factors with ability to effective date EE and Dependent tobacco use.

Benefit Enrollment:  If tobacco use is included it will effective date the tobacco use with the Benefit Start Date.

Effective date on enrollment period does not need to be approved.

Deploy with Date of Hire on existing tobacco users.

Federal Reporting Data

Alterations made to the EEO, Disability and Veteran options to support Federal Reporting requirements.

Onboarding will default based on Personal EEO, Disability and Veterans will have to be added.

Rename Personal screen to 'Federal Reporting Data'. Remove 'Personal Tab'. Divide 'EEO' tab into 3 separate tabs.   More details in Deep Dive session.

Workflow: Phone number and personal email are added to the Name and Contact Information screen and workflow.

Employee General screen

With removal of the Personal Data screen Employee Contact Information now stored on the General screen with other employee details.




Client Reporting

Service Bureau

The following new features and development items are included in the iSolved release. This summary is intended to provide you with a basic overview of the changes made to the program with this release. Please refer to the TFS List on the Learning Center for additional release items. Click here to view & download the new iSolved release items.