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Certified Payroll Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

May 16, 2024

Operating a manufacturing or construction company or job site is complex and managing the labor is one of the chief reasons why. Tracking attendance and hours worked, managing employee schedules, and ensuring compliance with regulations are just a few of the tasks that challenge construction management professionals and take many hours each week.

Any contractor working on a government-funded job must pay their workers according to the predetermined prevailing wage, also known as the Davis Bacon wage. Submitting a Certified Payroll Report on a regular basis serves as proof that you’re compliant with this requirement when it comes to paying your employees. Please note: Most federally-funded projects and many states/localities require some format of this report. Inability to produce and submit these reports could result in hefty fines and penalties, so it's important to follow the rules.

Certified payroll reports can come in a variety of required formats. Local, state, and federal formats all differ to include the information each respective agency wants in the way they want to see it. Most certified payroll reports, however, will require similar information regardless of format.

Here are the common pieces of information that make up a Certified Payroll Report.

Completing a Certified Payroll Report manually isn’t impossible, but it can be time-consuming—especially if you’ve got multiple employees working multiple prevailing wage jobs. You’ll have to compile a lot of information—identifying information about your company, the job you are working on, how many weeks you have been working on the job, the current work week, who worked on the job, their work classification, how many hours they worked, what they were paid, deductions, etc.—and fill out the Certified Payroll Report by hand.

Certified Payroll Reports don’t have to time-consuming —or headache-inducing! There’s an easier way to create a Certified Payroll Report.

You can minimize the time spent on these tasks, while improving accuracy and boosting engagement, with isolved. This connected HCM solution goes beyond the typical HCM to seamlessly connect and manage your workforce while adapting to the future of work. It provides a seamless connection throughout the entire employee journey.

With Coastal Payroll's isolved technology, you have the ability to automatically generate certified payroll reports in a matter of seconds. The system simply uses the payroll data you’ve already entered into the system.

There are plenty of ways isolved can save your company time and money when it comes to working prevailing wage jobs:

Instant Reporting

Because your payroll information is stored in isolved, you can create Certified Payroll and other reports in a matter of seconds. This frees up the office staff and saves tons of time!

No Records Required

You will no longer have to spend money on paper and storage since you’ll be able to re-run a report for any work week whenever you need it! isolved is date-sensitive and allows you to retroactively pull information from any time in the past!

Multiple Formats

isolved can produce multiple Certified Payroll formats for a variety of agencies, whether they're state of federal.


Find all your certified payroll reporting needs in one place – isolved.

1. Printed Reports: A-1-131 (CA) and the WH-347 (fed)

2. E-Reports: XML Upload to DIR and LCP Upload File

3. Supporting Reports: Job Cost, Training Fund, Apprentice Hours, Fringes by Project/Employee


• Unlimited storage of wage determination information (rates/work classes/projects/pay groups)

• Can be linked to isolved Time – let your employees select the job and isolved will do the rest!

• Custom import file available – if you use a 3rd party time and attendance system or manual timecards

• Unlimited amount of custom reports available


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