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Evaluating Time & Attendance Technology

April 2, 2024

If your organization is looking for new timekeeping and scheduling solutions that support a hybrid environment, the following 4 questions should be considered when shopping for new tech:

1. Can Manual Processes be Eliminated?

HR leaders say the top payroll challenge for their teams is manual time and attendance processes. They also rated time and attendance as second when it comes to HR areas that would benefit the most from automation (following recruiting).

Technology that automates processes can boost productivity for your HR team. For instance, solutions that consider labor needs and forecast the future make it simple for your team to build out employee schedules and monitor attendance. Modern technology also makes schedules available from a central location that every employee has access to – regardless of where they are working.

When it comes to processing timecards, your HR team doesn’t need to waste time collecting time sheets from a disbursed workforce. Plus, illegible handwriting or inaccurate data entry can lead to payroll mistakes that later need to be corrected. This is inefficient, hinders productivity and isn’t a good experience for anyone involved.

2. Is Data Accuracy Improved?

With a modern time and attendance solution, employees can track their hours digitally through a system that integrates with other HR responsibilities. Accuracy is improved when time information is stored in one place because the need for duplicate data entry is eliminated. Attendance rules can be defined to ensure employees are staying on schedule, and some solutions also offer geofencing, which can be used to create map boundaries for approved places where employees can clock in and out. This provides assurance that employees are working in authorized locations.

3. Are Self-Service Tools Available for Employees?

Equipping employees with tools to track their hours independently – regardless of where they work – can lead to an overall better employee experience (EX).

It doesn’t matter if an employee is working in an office, at home or in the field if your organization’s time and attendance technology is cloud-based and supports clocking in and out from any computer or mobile device. However, there are more benefits than just enabling your dispersed workforce to track their own hours. When the right set of self-service tools are available, other common HR tasks can also be streamlined, including requesting time off, checking paid time off (PTO) balances, requesting schedule changes and more. This means employees won’t need to reach out to your HR team every time they want to take a vacation or give away a shift. This not only frees up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic initiatives, but also improves EX because everyone is empowered to manage these small – but important – tasks on their own.

4. Is the Employee Journey Connected?

When time and attendance data seamlessly connects to payroll, benefits and compliance, manual processes can be eliminated and data accuracy improves. This is why intelligently connected human capital management (HCM) tech should be considered during the buying process – not only can these platforms solve time and attendance needs for remote workers, but they can also advance the digital maturity of your HR department.

Payroll processing errors due to issues with time tracking can have a significant impact on both your employees and your business. Discrepancies in pay lead to employee dissatisfaction, resulting in low morale and turnover, which greatly impacts your bottom line. To keep your employees engaged and your business running smoothly, you need to accurately track time and get payroll right.


With CoastalTime, you have the power to seamlessly manage employee punches, time off requests, and more — eliminating the need for manual and paper processes. Access to an intuitive and reliable solution means you can save time and minimize errors to improve the employee experience.

Flexible Time Tracking

Empower your employees with simple and effortless time solutions that offer flexible options for different work environments. Leverage a variety of time clocks and location-based punching to meet diverse workforce needs. From physical clocks at worksites, to mobile punching for remote or on-the-go employees, isolved ensures accessibility and convenience for all your people.

Complete Time Visibility

View and manage employee time and attendance data, including paid time off, overtime, and compensatory time, from within isolved People Cloud to better support your team. Leverage configurable notifications for real-time alerts on missed punches, time card objections and more, enhancing transparency and efficiency for an improved employee experience.

Accurate Payroll and Compliance

Efficiently track, manage, and process time, labor, and attendance across your entire workforce. Streamline time processing and quickly review time card errors to resolve objections and prevent payroll mistakes, all while maintaining compliance with the latest regulations.


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