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3 Reasons Predictive People Analytics is a Must-Have

May 15, 2024

The constantly evolving workforce has created the need to look more deeply into what motivates employees and keeps them engaged. HR Teams can now anticipate future workforce fluctuations and provide data-based strategic value on employee expectations that have already started to reshape the workplace.

Let’s look at three reasons Predictive People Analytics is a must-have tool for your organization.

Improve Employee Retention

What if you could predict what your organization’s turnover rate will be for the next six months, who is at risk of leaving, and what actions you can take now to minimize that turnover?

With Predictive People Analytics, you can do just that. Harness predictive modeling power that can give you insights into the future of your workplace. Predict desired retention outcomes by correlating turnover factors and drive more informed decisions to keep more employees onboard.

Increase DEI Efforts

Predictive People Analytics can play a powerful role in understanding the state of diversity in your organization. Stay on track with your DEI efforts by identifying biases, pay and diverse leadership gaps and gain visibility into what you can change today to effect better diversity outcomes tomorrow.

Save Valuable Time

Straightforward, centralized metrics and prebuilt template dashboards mean you can get up and running right out of the gate. Actionable insights and predictive modeling help you make smarter data-driven decisions in real-time, freeing you up from manual data collection and analysis.

A lack of access to important people data leads to ineffective decision-making. Even with this data, organizations can face challenges allocating sufficient time and resources to analyze it effectively. As a result, data-driven decision-making suffers, impacting business outcomes and the employee experience. You need access to data and the tools to analyze it to keep your employees engaged and your business thriving.

With isolved Predictive People Analytics clients can:

• View enterprise-grade analytics and insights in one centralized place

• Generate trend reports using historical metrics and identify correlations with key events

• Configure visually intuitive dashboards to view key people metrics in a centralized or segmented way

• Use Predictive Modeling to plot scenarios and determine the best actions

• Set targets using Predictive Guidance and receive recommendations to achieve those outcomes

• Use Benchmark Insights to compare industry averages to internal positions

• Access information through voice navigation via a virtual assistant


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