Tax Management

Coastal Payroll provides tax management services to employers in all 50 states. Our tax experts stay on top of the constantly changing tax laws in all states and keep you compliant.

We offer three levels of tax filing services:

  • Fully Outsourced Tax Management – With our fully outsourced tax service, payroll tax liabilities are debited and paid to agencies each pay period. CPS is responsible for the accuracy of all payroll tax returns.

Benefit: In the ever-changing world of tax laws and regulations, you can rest assured at night that your tax monies are being handled properly and securely.

CPS is bonded and is SSAE 16 Type II certified. This provides our clients the highest level of protection of their tax funds.

  • Signature Ready Tax Checks – Signature ready tax checks are produced each payroll period. This service offers clients the flexibility to manage their own tax deposits. CPS creates the tax checks paid to the order of the proper agency, and the client is responsible for their timely deposit. The quarterly and annual returns are created for the client, and await their final signature.

Benefit: This allows our clients to retain control over their tax funds. Some employers want this control and we are happy to provide it.

  • Client Managed Tax Process – Tax liability reports are created and the client handles all tax deposits and returns. In this scenario, the client is completely responsible for creating the checks and tax returns to the proper authority.

Most federal and state agencies are moving to electronic payment of payroll taxes and electronic filing of tax returns, thus making the management of payroll taxes by employers more difficult. The vast majority of our clients utilize our Fully Outsourced Tax Management services and understand the benefit of avoiding navigating the complexities of payroll tax rules on their own.