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Margot Geitheim

Client Support Specialist II


  • Was the first employee at Paystar in Mill Valley
  • Proud mom to three wonderful adult children
  • Sent all her children to California universities and colleges

Personal Notes

Margot enjoys tennis, singles and doubles. She loves to travel, everywhere from local road trips to overseas trips like Paris or visiting relatives in Holland and Switzerland and Israel for her husband’s family.. She loves getting out and skiing, bicycling, hiking, and gardening. She also loves to relax by reading or playing Words with Friends2.

Professional Background

When it comes to payroll, Margot has “done it all," from processing a single paycheck to transmitting millions of dollars in hundreds of payments, balanced to the penny. She has successfully worked in this field through four software conversions and three recessions.

Key Strengths

  • Good at numbers
  • Love working with clients and coworkers
  • Battle tested with many years in the industry

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