Transform the way you collect, manage and process your employee time.

Unless you keep an eye on each one of your employees, you really can not be sure (without a doubt) the exact hours and minutes worked. If that’s the case, how do you know exactly how much to pay them?This is why modern businesses utilize a time and attendance system. A fully integrated software solution forces employees to properly track their hours. Records are imported directly into the payroll platform. Automatically, wages are then factored in to generate payroll data!

Yes, you could use the honor code. However, financial losses from employees breaking that trust can add up…

Imagine the accrued damages from improper leave planning, whereby production slows or customer service lines are left without the proper number of operators. This could prove disastrous for the business. Or, imagine an employee who clocks in 20 minutes early every day, slated to earn $21/hr. The business would then lose $7/day, or $35/week! Each year the business would then be forfeiting almost $2,000 (per this one employee) due to inefficient processes…

Coastal Payroll is here to provide employee time tracking solutions for these common issues.

In effect, let’s save you money by properly tracking time worked, thereby restoring honest records for payday calculations.

Our time and attendance systems provide your company with the ability to better manage your workforce. These solutions eliminate manual time tracking and produce an accurate record of hours worked. Then, take advantage of employee time management capabilities, human resource functionality including leave requests, an accrual policy rules engine, rate calculations, payroll audit trails, ad-hoc reporting and tiered security access.

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