Time Clocks

Today’s business world thrives on efficiency and convenience.

Our timekeeping package was developed to meet those objectives, and most importantly, to reduce your company’s cost of labor. Our product is simple, practical, and still capable of handling your various timekeeping needs. Payday has never been so simple!

Time Clocks are supported by web-based administration. You can manage your employee data from just about anywhere. There is no system to install.

Available Time Clocks:

  1. Electronic Time Clock – Track employee labor via mountable time clock unit. Employees can clock in/out with the swipe of a badge, by entering a pin or by entering their SSN.
  2. Biometric Time Clock – Employees can clock in securely by using their fingerprint which is read by our biometric clock. This eliminates the costly practice of “buddy punching” or employees clocking in and our for one another.
  3. Voice Clock – Using a mobile device, you are able to log in and complete timekeeping functions such as clocking in/out, labor allocations, and verifying time cards.

Online Time Clock

Web Clock – For employees who have access to the internet on the job, this is a quick and easy way for them to clock in and out.This service utilizes iSolved, an online service that employees can use by entering a username and password. Depending on preference, controls can be implemented to allow clock-in and clock-out from a designated IP address.



Labor & Job Tracking

Our Job Tracking module allows employers to identify labor costs attributed to projects by employee, department, and task-type.

You will no longer have to get your employees to recall how many hours they worked on a project or have your accounting staff try to track down receipts and invoices.

See a clear picture of actual vs. projected time, actual vs. projected cost, and more. Gain the information and ability to truly understand productivity and profitability on a project-by-project basis, and use that knowledge to directly affect your bottom line.

With Labor Tracking, an employee can simply clock in/out to a job, department, or task by utilizing a specific time clock or by using the web. This will eliminate repetitive data entry and multiple worksheets.



Payroll Integration and Reporting

Our time and labor solutions allow administrators, managers, supervisors, and employees 24/7 access to their labor information.

Administrators, managers, and supervisors can run a variety of real time reports including absent or late employees, employees currently on premises, extensive labor allocation, current and historical timecards, and accrual benefit information. Reports can be printed to PDF or exported to Excel, Excel.csv, HTML, or XML. Our notification system can generate emails based on certain events within the time and making it a proactive system

At the end of your pay cycle, the time and attendance data is imported into our iSolved payroll solution. We can also integrate with third party time and labor platforms.