Scheduling & Attendance Module

For many managers and supervisors, scheduling employees and tracking their attendance are some of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of their jobs.

CoastalTime: Scheduling & Attendance Module is now available to help reduce the time spent on employee scheduling and tracking attendance. This new module allows you to easily build employee schedules, monitor attendance, and compare schedules vs. time worked. And because it is native to iSolved, all data is immediately accessible for accurate payroll processing.


Time Card Features

  • Employers and supervisors can see a schedule layer on the employee’s timecard, allowing for immediate access to see whether that employee worked his or her shift, reported in late or out early, or missed the shift altogether.
  • New alerts are available for In Late, In Early, Under Hours, Over Hours, Out Early, Out Late, Unscheduled Absence, Out of Schedule, In Grace, Out Grace, and Custom Options.
  • Attendance Rule Setup
    • Users can build customized attendance rules based on their criteria and assign employees to the appropriate shifts.


Shift Setup Scheduler Features

With the introduction of CoastalTime’s Attendance Module, you are now able to accommodate three different types of schedules:

  • Single Shift – this type of schedule is the most common. It allows users to set up a shift and define the start and stop times. A single shift will also allow for shifts to run greater than 24 hours.
  • Open Shift – for companies that only need to track if an employee showed up and worked his/her allotted hours for the day. This type of shift only tracks Unscheduled Absences, Over Hours, and Under Hours.
  • Multi-Level – a hybrid-type shift. It allows users to define multiple shift start and end times, and as employees clock in, iSolved will lean on the attendance rules to assign the appropriate shift for each employee. As an added benefit, all of the shifts are made available when scheduling employees, giving the flexibility to assign a single shift within the multi-level definitions.


Scheduler Features

  • Ability to filter employees while scheduling
  • Views Hours – 12, 24, 48, and 72 (Gantt Style) ; Days – 7, 14, 21, 28 , 42 (Day view); Monthly
  • Shows both absences and holidays on the schedule
  • Copy and/or move shifts from one employee to another
  • Copy a single employee schedule to multiple employees
  • Copy all employees’ schedules forward
  • Click and drag select for adding a shift to a single employee
  • New Scheduling Reports: Employee Attendance Variance, Employee Attendance Report and Employee Attendance Export