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12 Reasons a Learning Management System is Critical for Your Team

March 11, 2024

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software solution designed to help organizations source, create and deliver educational content and training programs. This type of application also comes with administration, tracking and reporting capabilities to provide visibility across the company. It's a way to keep your people tuned in and their skills tuned up.

Let's go over 12 reasons a cloud-based LMS is mission critical, whether your team is at home or in the office.

1. Keeps employees on their game, even if they’re in pajamas.

Provide consistent, high-quality learning online so employees can better themselves from anywhere.

2. Makes sure staff is informed and aligned.

Effectively introduce new policies and procedures and give owners and managers a better way to connect with staff.

3. Rolls out surprisingly fast across your entire workforce.

Immediately transforms your training and begins elevating your workforce and benefiting your business.

4. Ensures organization-wide adoption and engagement.

Learning becomes more accessible and flexible because it’s mobile friendly, on-demand and self-paced.

5. Helps learners succeed with relevant and doable content.

Every team member’s(or group’s) content is personalized, bite-sized, visual and video based.

6. Incentivizes your staff to continue upskilling and achieving.

Recognize and reward employees with digital merit badges and certificates that elevate status, value and resumes.

7. Simplifies oversight and administration for supervisors.

Create custom courses, upload your own content, assign individual or team paths, and track employee progress.

8. Maintains employee development, even during disruptions.

Appeal more to today’s workers that take their job satisfaction and career path seriously.

9. Continues to stoke company culture through any crisis.

Keep workers fully engaged and team spirit alive, despite unforeseen circumstances that push teams physically apart.

10. Makes remotely onboarding new employees easier.

Successfully start new employees entirely online and help ensure their ongoing success from day one.

11. Reduces learning and development costs considerably.

Streamline and save on training while reducing the burden on HR and upgrading the experience for employees.

12. Futureproofs your company’s learning, development and training.

LMS delivered via software as a service (SaaS) ensures that your content and approach is always fresh and on point.


In today’s talent-led market, employees expect more from their employers, with learning opportunities being at the top of their list. With isolved Learn & Grow you can help your organization attract, develop, and retain top talent, while also upskilling your current employees to do their jobs more effectively and keeping your business compliant.

With a visually intuitive interface, the solution makes training accessible to everyone on your team. Self-paced courses give employees flexibility and gamification elements keep learners engaged. Your employees can also add courses and paths to their dashboard with a single click.

Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

Enable employees to grow and hone their skills by providing tailored and on-demand learning options, helping you create a talent pipeline for the future, while remaining competitive and preventing turnover today. Incentive upskilling with a robust Content Library, curated playlists and AI-powered searchability with a chatbot to help you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Provide Enhanced Learning Experiences and Remain Compliant

Effortlessly create your own paths, quizzes, and certifications and assign courses and paths to employees based on their roles and individual needs, or to an entire team, instantly. Monitor employee progress, completion rates and assessment scores in addition to recording user activity and training history with robust tracking and reporting features. With isolved Learn & Grow, you can reduce compliance risks, save time and money and ensure deadlines are met every time.

Boost Engagement and Productivity

Encourage employees to grow personally and professionally by creating learning opportunities that reward and recognize learners with digital badges, certificates and points for completing tasks. Align organizational goals with your employee’s performance, identify skill gaps and deliver training to bridge those gaps for individual and company-wide success. And with People Heroes World, HR teams can source advice from like-minded professionals, share experiences and earn rewards in an immersive community to fuel meaningful communication and collaboration.

Reach out to us to learn more about the benefits and features of our Learn & Grow LMS!

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