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January 4, 2024

January 4, 2024 is National Trivia Day.
Let’s have some fun with Coastal Payroll Trivia…

Coastal Payroll has clients in this many states?

… 50. We serve companies across the nation, Coast to Coast!

Coastal Payroll has employees in this many states.

14. Our Coastal People are what makes our service outstanding.

Our 2023 Holiday video was a nod to Home Alone. WATCH 2023 HOLIDAY VIDEO
What holiday film was referenced in the 2022 video?


Coastal Values
How many core values does CP work/live by?

... 12. One for every month of the year.

True or False? Coastal Payroll has a 92% client retention rate.

TRUE! And we have an 89% employee retention rate. People are kind of our thing. COASTAL PEOPLE

How many times has Coastal Payroll been named among Best Places to Work?

...10. Every year since 2014.

In 2007, Coastal Payroll started with how many employees?

4. Today we have more than 150 and we are still growing. COASTAL CAREERS

What is the number of technology integrations Coastal Payroll provides… 100, 200, 300?

300 and counting. We are always looking for ways to innovate for our clients. COASTAL INTEGRATIONS

True or False? Coastal Payroll has benefits integrations with both Ease and Employee Navigator.

TRUE! In addition to our isolved integration with Employee Navigator, Coastal is one of only 9 payroll companies with an Ease API integration.

Why is 71 a significant number for Coastal Payroll?

it is our current Net Promoter Score (NPS), which means our clients recommend us. In fact, we have been consistently scored over 70 while our industry average is typically much lower.

What is the largest privately owned payroll company in the West?

You guessed it… Coastal Payroll! Did you know that while we were born and raised in San Diego, CA, Coastal Payroll has Human Capital Management Sales Consultants across Orange County, Northern California, and Denver, Colorado?

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