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Why This Awesome Event Means the World to Us

February 13, 2019

Join us for the 4th Annual SpeakUp5K San Diego run on April 14 along the waterfront in iconic Seaport Village in downtown San Diego. This race is one of joy, celebration, and hope. It’s extremely close to our hearts. Here’s why.

Stamping Out the Stigma

Our CEO Jonny’s niece Cameron Gallagher was a bright, driven teenage girl. And yet, like one in five teens, she struggled with depression and anxiety. Encouraged by the support of her family and friends, and motivated to ensure others like her have the help they need, she began to outline plans for a 5K fundraiser race.

Although she hadn’t told her parents about this big dream unfolding, she did begin to train. She ran her first half marathon. Just as she crossed the finish line, she collapsed and passed away of an undiagnosed heart condition.

"It’s Like She Gave Us a Torch to Carry”

When Cameron’s parents found the plans for the SpeakUp5K, neatly arranged on the desk in her room, they knew what needed to be done. We all knew. It was time to pick up the torch and keep running. We do this not just to honor her and her life, but to carry on her mission.

The SpeakUp5K has been created in Cameron’s legacy, built on the foundation of her original ideas and reflecting the joy and sparkle she intended to share. It’s a fun race, made for families and runners (or joggers or walkers or stroller-riders) of all ages to come together and celebrate life.

Our Coastal family will be joining forces and running as a team.

We hope you’ll join us as we come together to remember Cameron — and to live out the dream she left us. The proceeds from the event will go to the Rady’s Children’s Hospital Children’s Mental Health Initiative.

You can sign up here or drop us a line with your questions. Be sure to let us know you’ll be joining us. We can’t wait to see you there.

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